© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 OROFLAM s.r.l. Via Olmetto 18/20 Z.A.I. 37049 Villa Bartolomea (VR) Italy P.IVA e C.F.: 03902000235 Cap. Soc.: € 50.000,00 Registro delle imprese di Verona REA VR-374855 Tel.: +39.0442.659096 Fax: +39.0442.659084 oroflam@oroflam.it   Privacy & Cookies Oroflam Burners presents its new brand of condensation wall hung boiler series  ORK. The boilers are available in three heating powers: 15 kW, 24 kW and 32  kW. For all of them you can have the indoor, the outdoor or the embedded  installation version. The 15 kW wall hung boiler has just the only heating  configuration while 24 kW and 32 kW ones are available three different type: only  heating, with rapid sanitary water production and with hot water storage.  The boiler electronic card allows the complete boiler control using an optional  remote chronothermostat with OpenTherm interface.  The boiler main components distribution  allows you an easy maintenance and  their fast removal, assuring you an easy connection of the boiler to the heating  system. CONDENSATION WALL-HUNG BOILER FOR INDOOR INSTALLATION Heating only: ORK 15R ORK 24R ORK 32R With rapid sanitary water production: ORK 24P ORK 32P CONDENSATION WALL-HUNG BOILER FOR OUTDOOR INSTALLATION Heating only: ORK 15RE ORK 24RE ORK 32RE With rapid sanitary water production: ORK 24PE ORK 32PE CONDENSATION WALL-HUNG BOILER FOR EMBEDDED INSTALLATION Heating only: ORK 15RI ORK 24RI ORK 32RI With rapid sanitary water production: ORK 24PI ORK 32PI CONDENSATION WALL-HUNG BOILER WITH SANITARY WATER STORAGE TANK ORK 24B ORK 32B NEW! NEW! NEW! NEW!