© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 Heating power 20,000 kcal/h Technical Characteristics Table Maximum outlet air temperature 90°C Air capacity Electric supply 370 W Fan motor power 1,600 m3/h Light-oil 990 mm Burner fuel Length Width Weight (with empty tank) Height Air inlet & outlet diameter Air inlet & outlet connection type Exhaust smokes flue diameter Combustion chamber material 620 mm 950 mm 90 kg 250 mm 126 mm Bayonet connection INOX AISI 430 steel Warm air heater trolley type 25S/M connected in series with the air conditioner trolley type ACT 12/1 Power consumption 32 l Tank capacity Oroflam 2001/5PC Burner Oroflam s.r.l. is finally allowed to sell to its customers two products that were used  by the army till now: the air heating and conditioning trolleys.  These products are characterized by an high reliability, a extremely simple way of  use and a remarkable versatility because of their former military use.  These trolleys were born for the field tents heating air conditioning: the civil types  may find their applications in the greenhouses, in the gazebos, in the covered  tennis-court and in every case where is not possible (or not economically  interesting) use a stationary system. You need only an electric supply and one or two flexible air ducts (that you can  demand as trolley's equipping) for heating or conditioning a place.   The air heating trolley and the air conditioning trolley, infact, can be connected  together in series for having the most conformable ambient conditions in every  season of the year. Here below are shown the technical characteristics of the 20,000 kcal/h (23.3 kW)  type and of the 25,000 kcal/h (29.1 kW). If you eventually need higher heating  powers, we suggest you to go to the Oroflam 46 OR series or to contact our firm  for a special offer at the e-mail address: tecnico@oroflam.it.  Type 20 S/M 25 S/M 650 W 220 V   50 Hz 23.3 kW 25,000 kcal/h 29.1 kW Privacy & Cookies Besides the heating field, Oroflam s.r.l. deals also with plastic moulding, windings,  solenoid valves and cables production for third parties: please go to the site  homepage to see all our services.