© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 The B3/25 model, avaiable in the standard model (B3/25) or with reduced start  (B3/25R) or two stages with electric air capacity variation and light-oil capacity  variation done using a pressure jump to the nozzle (B3/25 two stages), is the last  Oroflam light-oil burner with 230V 50Hz electric supply: all the burners more  powerful are 380/415V 50Hz 3-phases. The burner body is aluminium made and  the air regulation is done using a vertical door on its right side. Very strong and of  easy maintenance, is a burner that you'll forget in the boiler room.  Nozzle (GPH) Capacity (kg/h) Standard Nozzles Table 4.00 4.50 16.24 5.00 18.20 5.50 20.30 6.00 22.25 24.35 Capacity 15 - 25 kg/h Technical Characteristics Table Heating power 150,000 - 250,000 kcal/h Power supply 230 V 50 Hz Motor power 180 W Power consumption maximum working 173.6 - 289.0 kW 210 W 265 W Type 210 W 275 W B3/25 B3/25R 6.50 26.35 Privacy & Cookies Besides the heating field, Oroflam s.r.l. deals also with plastic moulding, windings,  solenoid valves and cables production for third parties: please go to the site  homepage to see all our services.