© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 Capacity 4 - 15 kg/h Technical Characteristics Table Heating power 40,000 - 150,000 kcal/h Power supply 230 V 50 Hz Motor power 120 W Power consumption maximum working 46.2 - 173.6 kW 235 W 150 W Light-oil burner Jolly Press S, as its name suggests, is a product that can be  considered between the most versatile Oroflam burners because of its wide  capacity range, the easy maintenance and the wide overpressure in combustion  chamber range that can support, thing that lets consider semi-high pressure  burner this burner type. You can use Jolly Press S in several applications: from  the domestic heating systems to the big bread ovens. This burner is avaiable in  the standard model (Jolly Press S) or with reduced start (Jolly Press SR) or two  stages with electric air capacity variation and light-oil capacity variation done  using a pressure jump to the nozzle (Jolly Press S two stages). Like every  Oroflam burner, the draught tube has a standard length but you can request every  special length you want to fit it better for the boiler used. The burner body is  aluminium made and the air regulation is done using a vertical door on its left  side. Nozzle (GPH) Capacity (kg/h) Standard Nozzles Table 1.00 1.10 3.72 1.20 4.10 1.25 4.45 1.35 4.64 5.02 1.50 5.58 1.65 6.13 1.75 6.50 2.00 7.43 2.25 8.38 2.50 9.28 3.00 11.17 3.50 13.05 4.00 14.88 Privacy & Cookies Besides the heating field, Oroflam s.r.l. deals also with plastic moulding, windings,  solenoid valves and cables production for third parties: please go to the site  homepage to see all our services.