© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 12 mm 3 x 0.75 H03 250 V +5°C ÷ +55°C - 20°C ÷ +55°C PVC 1 kW IP 65 Oroflam ST triangular plugs are equipped with 3 x 0.75 H03 cable. The electric  connection is done by junction with Ø 2,4 mm bush. The cable length and the type  of electric terminals are in conformity of the customer demand: we suggest you to  contact our firm at the e-mail address: tecnico@oroflam.it to have an offer for our  plugs cabled in conformity of your specifications using the drawing on the left to  specify us the cable length and unsheathing dimension, remembering to specify  also the electric terminals you need. Technical Characteristics Table Contacts distance Maximum voltage Maximum admittable continuous electric power Electric cable type Protection class Housing material Ambient working temperature range (moving installation) Ambient working temperature range (fixed installation) Privacy & Cookies