© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 Oroflam Burners - Thermal Units boasts a fifty-years-old  experience in light-oil and gas burners production and the  firm’s flexibility permits many variations of the products to  answer to every needs of the costumer being able to make  some customized products to fit the burner to specific  applications. The Oroflam burners are known for three main qualities:  Reliability connected not only to the use of high quality components and  materials but also to the large number of checks during the production  process and to the final test always done for every single piece producted;  Efficiency linked to the combustion heads internal design and production;  Robustness: the components, construction materials and finishing good  quality let our burners be used in extreme working conditions and the risks  connected to wear and tear may be considered negligible.  To choose rightly the burner you need the following data: the fuel to use, the  boiler or heat generator thermal power where the burner will be installed and the  working and starting overpressure in combustion chamber.  Choose the burner in the catalogue part corresponding to the fuel you will use.  Knowing the boiler or heat generator thermal power (in kcal/h or kW) you will  determine the burner model with an heating power that includes, between the  minimum and the maximum, the value you need reading the burner  characteristics tables enclosed to every model. You must keep at your disposal at  least the 20% more of burner heating power compared with the boiler thermal  power allowing the burner to work at 80% of its real power optimising the  combustion efficiency. Using the diagram showed for every burner that indicates the capacity in relation  to the overpressure in the combustion chamber, you should check that the  capacity is within the working overpressure range of the burner.  Using again the same diagram (that was written for boilers having a 1:2 ratio  between working overpressure and starting overpressure) you should verify that  the starting overpressure is not more than twice the working overpressure  showed; if the starting overpressure is higher you must choose the burner which  is immediately more powerful in comparison to the selected one: it will surely  overcome this high overpressure.  OROFLAM s.r.l. Via Olmetto 18/20 Z.A.I. 37049 Villa Bartolomea (VR) Italy P.IVA e C.F.: 03902000235 Cap. Soc.: € 50.000,00 Registro delle imprese di Verona REA VR-374855 Tel.: +39.0442.659096 Fax: +39.0442.659084 oroflam@oroflam.it   Privacy & Cookies