© Oroflam s.r.l. 2011 Oroflam Burners - Thermal Groups produces trolley systems for air  conditioning or for air heating. These products were designed above all for the  tents heating and cooling in applications like army camps, but they can be used  also for civilian uses where is needed the temporary heating of closed places  installing the trolleys outside. Here below is introduced also the new air heating trolleys series 46 OR.  Designed for the poultry stock farms, greenhouses and other cattle stock farms  heating, these systems are able to heat rooms with a great hot air flow with a  temperature higher than the standard given by the usual warm air heating  trolleys. The hot air is produced without any contact to the exhaust smokes. The  high combustion efficiencies reached allow to avoid a great change of the heated  air saving a large quantity of fuel and recycling  a big part of the heated air after  an eventual filtration. The hot air heater trolley is equipped with a fresh air refill  system to add a certain percentage of new air in the heated room to keep an high  comfort for the animals and in the summer season it can be also used for the  room ventilation.   The hot air heating trolleys are INOX AISI 430 made, are supplied with two  wheels in the hot air outlet zone to make easy their movement and, despite of   the photographs here shown, their burner will be sheltered by a sheet-metal  painted cover.  The coupling with the ACT 12 air conditioner trolley is also possible in case you  need to cool or dehumidify the stock farm.  AIR HEATING TROLLEYS S/M series: 20 S/M 25 S/M 46 OR series: 46 OR/GG 46 OR/GO 46 OR/GOS AIR CONDITIONING TROLLEYS Model: ACT 12/1 - ACT 12/2 OROFLAM s.r.l. Via Olmetto 18/20 Z.A.I. 37049 Villa Bartolomea (VR) Italy P.IVA e C.F.: 03902000235 Cap. Soc.: € 50.000,00 Registro delle imprese di Verona REA VR-374855 Tel.: +39.0442.659096 Fax: +39.0442.659084 oroflam@oroflam.it   Privacy & Cookies